ATA Employment Solutions provides multiple services to our clients and can customize to fit their business needs.  We offer professional staffing services for engineers, IT professionals, program and project management, accountants, financial analysts plus several other disciplines.  Additionally, ATA Employment Solutions is a licensed, Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that provides human resource services for small and medium sized businesses.  Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) provides small and medium businesses with the resources and tools they need to grow their businesses and continue to comply with ever increasing government regulations.  ATA Employment Solutions is truly a full service partner that you can rely on.

Staffing:  Companies, both large and small, are seeking the services of staffing companies to gain access to talent and adjust their workforce based upon business requirements.  ATA Employment Solutions takes pride in our commitment to developing personal relationships with our clients through continuous communications and interaction.  We work to understand our client's specific requirements and needs.  Likewise, we maintain close relationships with employees placed in your organization, enabling us to ensure that we have placed the right person for the job.  ATA Employment Solutions' staffing services are designed to fit your business needs.  All companies experience the cyclical ups and downs of business, however, ATA Employment Solutions can help you manage through those dynamic business shifts by quickly increasing or downsizing your workforce. We provide support to help you achieve your long term business goals, or, we can supplement your staff for project-based and temporary staffing needs.

Professional Employer Organization:  Business owners are constantly striving to supply their customers with quality goods and services while being profitable.  Too often these businesses are met with tasks such as payroll, tax filing, workers' compensation, hiring, training for job roles, and government compliance regulations which can be stressful and time-consuming.  The highly-qualified staff at ATA Employment Solutions offers comprehensive services to create a streamlined approach to your human resources functions.  A partnership with ATA Employment Solutions will alleviate the burden of human resource management saving you time and reducing costly errors.  ATA Employment Solutions will handle all aspects of human resources management from recruitment to pre-employment screening to benefits management.  We offer a full line of human resources services.  Take advantage of a full-service partnership or choose the a la carte option, using only the services best suited for your business model.  We offer a solution for every business owner to help turn your goals into reality.

As a professional employment organization, we take great pride in being ethical, knowledgeable, and service-oriented. ATA Employment Solutions maintains membership in the Society for Human Resource Management and the National Association of Professional Employment Organizations to stay informed of current industry news, laws, and client resources. We are proud to be an audited PEO meaning that an independent CPA firm has audited our financial statements and found them to be accurate, complete, and fairly presented in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

Take your business to the next level with efficient Human Resources Management from the professionals at ATA Employment Solutions!